Yogyakarta / JogjaTour

Located at the foot of the active Merapi volcano,  the 300 year old city of Yogyakarta or simply Jogja , is one of the foremost cultural heart of Java. ​​​​​​​Known for its traditional arts and cultural heritage,  Jogja / Yogykarta  is a city with culture and customs as rich as they were centuries ago

Jogja / Yogyakarta offers an abundance of Javanese art, painting, silverwork, batik handcraft, traditional Javanese dances, as well as contemporary art.  Gamelan, traditional Javanese dances, as well as contemporary art, the wayang kulit leather puppet theater and other expressions of traditional art will keep the visitor spellbound. From Yogyakarta one can travel easily to the Borobudur and Prambanan temples, which are half-day trips from the city.

Borobudur Sunrise Tour

Prambanan Tour

Taman Sari Water Castle​​​​​​​

Ramayana Ballet Performance​​​​​​​

Keraton, the Sultan Palace

Kasongan Pottery Village

Merapi Jeep Tour

Batik Workshop

Dieng Plateau 

Borobudur Cycling Tour

Silver Work at Kota Gede

Merapi Sunrise Trek

Luwak Coffe Tour

Merapi Volcano Museum

Malioboro Street